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Jason Cressey, PhD is a freelance travel writer and for five years hosted the weekly Off The Beaten Track travel show on Canadian radio station CFSI 107.9. Here you can access samples of his published articles, a selection of photos and writing from recent trips, biography information and links to Jason's other sites and projects.



Over the last few years some resorts in the South Seas have become popular thanks to great weather, friendly locals and stunning beaches. But what of the lesser-known jewels in the Pacific - from the enchanting caves of Niue Island and the pine forests of New Caledonia to Norfolk Island and its connection with the famous Mutiny of HMS Bounty? Whether it's the extinct volcanoes of Lord Howe Island or the tribal taboos of rural Vanuatu, uncover some of the Pacific secrets, well away from the glare of mass tourism.


After years of turmoil and political instability, Nicaragua & Honduras are taking their rightful place as fascinating tourist destinations, still at prices that budget travellers can afford and luxury travellers can revel in. Costa Rica continues to charm visitors with its eco-tourism potential, while neighbouring Panama is following the lead of its neighbour and offering jungles, beaches and cloud forests off the beaten track for a fraction of the price. Guatemala promises treasures for those on a pilgrimage to see Mayan ruins, while volcanoes tower over idyllic mountain villages in El Salvador, the smallest of the Central American nations.


While many believe the illustrious days of long distance rail travel have faded in Africa, there remain vestiges of the colonial rail infrastructure that the modern nations of Kenya and Tanzania offer visitors. From the coastal capital of Dar Es Salam, close to the exotic space island of Zanzibar, the train ascends into the high plateau of Zambia and terminates at the spectacular border post of Victoria Falls in neighbouring Zimbabwe. Further south, an affordable and little-known alternative to the famous Blue Train runs the tracks between Cape Town and Johannesburg, through the lush and vast landscape of South Africa. All aboard!